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One of the best and leading Ayurvedic PCD Franchise companies in India, Innovia Drugs provides the best in class service, unique monopoly market strategies, and the highest quality Ayurvedic products. Innovia Drugs is soon heading towards the list of top 10 PCD Pharma Franchise in India and provides a wide range of Ayurvedic oil, syrups, capsules, gel, and powder. We are known as the best franchise Ayurvedic company for creating our products with a perfect rationale of ingredients as per our client’s needs. Hence, you can rest assured about the quality when you place an order from us. Being the best PCD Ayurvedic company, we believe in thorough research to create products of natural origin. With the state of the art technology, the company promises to deliver products under strict guidelines. We have a strong R&D team that works diligently at our GMP-certified manufacturing unit. Thus, our products can stand any test to justify and prove their authenticity and genuineness.

Our Aim as the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in India

Ayurvedic Distributor

All the leading Pharma professionals in the market of the Ayurvedic PCD company put their faith and trust in Innovia Drugs and its services. You get the best Ayurvedic medicines and products in India at our Ayurvedic PCD franchise. Being the topmost franchise Ayurvedic company in India, our aim and motto is to provide the best quality of products and services to our clients. Innovia Drugs aims to manufacture top-quality products without using any chemicals. Thus, our customers enjoy perfect health without any side effects.

Further, Innovia Drugs aims to create and sustain a chemical-free future for the coming generations. We are thriving towards leading the list of top 10 PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda comes from a Sanskrit term that loosely translates to “knowledge of life”. It contains principles of life that talk about overall wellness. The science behind Ayurveda functions towards an equilibrium between the internal and internal world of a person. And, without any doubt, our PCD Ayurvedic company strives for the same.

Further, Ayurveda talks about the medicinal use of herbs and shrubs. Moreover, in ancient times, Ayurveda was given the highest position when it comes to curing illness or any disease. Let’s delve deep in to know more about Ayurveda.


More About Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda comprises of two words, ‘Ayu’ & ‘Veda’. Ayu denotes life whereas Veda signifies knowledge. Ayurveda preaches about enhancing life through Ayurveda and its practice. One of the most popular elements of Ayurveda is Ayurvedic medicines. The ancient art of Ayurvedic medicines is about 5000 years old. FYI, you will get familiar with all these medicines after connecting with the best PCD Pharma Franchise company in India.

The Ayurveda focuses on the doshas of a person that resonate with the health of a person. Therefore, it works on the principle of aligning mind and body for the holistic health of everyone who implements Ayurvedic medicine practices into their life. Further, Ayurveda talks about the rhythmic flow of energy in every being. Once the energy flow is balanced, it leads to perfect physical and mental health. Charaka Samhita is one such ancient text that documents the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda is followed by our franchise Ayurvedic company.

When you incorporate the Ayurvedic knowledge into your life, you witness your whole life is changing for the good. All you need to do is to make little changes in your life. Make this little change by getting in touch with our Ayurvedic PCD company.


Theme of PCD Ayurvedic Company: Balance of Ayurveda & Life

The best PCD Pharma Franchise company believes what text states that every living on this planet is made up of five basic elements. These are air, water, earth, fire, and space. All these five elements combine to form three life-forces that are called Doshas.

Every dosha works differently and has a different effect on your body. The way your body reacts to different living or eating habits depends on your dosha. Medicines at our franchise Ayurvedic company are made keeping these doshas in mind. The three basic doshas are as given below: Vata Dosha (air and space), Pitta Dosha (water and fire), and Kapha Dosha (earth and water).

Each Dosha is responsible for controlling your body in a particular way. According to Ayurveda, your body’s inability to fight sickness or disease depends on your doshas. However, any imbalance in these doshas can also result in sickness, loss of strength, appetite, or can give birth to any disease. Therefore, it is very essential to eat and live in the right way to keep a perfect balance in your doshas. Our PCD Ayurvedic company’s goal is to balance these doshas.

Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha

When a person has air and space elements dominant, he or she has Vata dosha. Now, every dosha depends on several other factors as well. To name a few, they are age, the surrounding environment of a person, health factors, and many other circumstances. That is the sole reason that over time, one dosha dominates the other doshas present in a person.

However, the dominance of a single dosha can shift over time and that can be simply fixed by our franchise Ayurvedic company’s medicines. When you plan your eating habits as per the Ayurvedic diet, you witness your health is changing for good. If you eat according to your Vata dosha, you must consume food that is grounding and building in nature.

Not just that, you must eat food that can be easily digested and nourishes you with nutrients. The sweet, salty, and sour tastes can balance out the Vata dosha. Hence, the body’s natural state of being is formed without any problem.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha

Pitta signifies metabolism. And, the best PCD Pharma Franchise company aims to balance Pitta dosha too. People having Pitta dosha have a faster metabolism. Some of the characteristics of the Pitta dosha are moistness, sourness, liquidity, heat, and sharpness in the body.

The major element of the Pitta dosha is heat. It is responsible for using bile juice for faster digestion. Hence, it improves the metabolism of a person. Another feature through which you can identify that a person has pitta dosha is through the physical built of a person. So, if you want to balance your Pitta dosha, consider connecting with our Ayurvedic PCD company.

Usually, people with this dosha as slim, lanky, and have a hard time gaining weight. If there is an imbalance in this dosha, it could lead to heat or redness in the body.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha

When it comes to improving the immunity, growth, and strength of a human body, the Kapha dosha controls it all. Not just that, it further enhances your immunity. Many things can disrupt the flow of the Kapha dosha. A simple act like sleeping throughout the day or consuming too many sweets can result in an imbalance of this dosha.

Various disorders might arise with an imbalance in the Kapha dosha. If you overeat, you may develop asthma, cancer, or any other serious physical illnesses. Medicines by PCD Ayurvedic company simply stabilizes the Kapha dosha too.

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Want to become your own boss? If yes, then Innovia Drugs is perfect for you. We provide PCD or Pharma Franchise all over India. We do provide the best quality of Herbal and Ayurvedic products. Your diligent attitude with our rewards can help you achieve the peak of your career with us.

As the leading member of the Ayurvedic PCD/Franchise in ambala, Innovia Drugs aims at customer satisfaction. Give us a call to become our exclusive member. Joining us, you can forget about infiltration, substandard products, delivery issues, and much more problems.

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